Get the Word Out

Get the Word Out

Promote your church or business with a voice-over

Do you need to share an important ad or message? Consider reaching out to Journey with Jade for a voice-over. I can record messages promoting your store and driving new customers in the doors. I've been a popular radio host in the Tuscaloosa, AL area for a long time, and I know how to make people listen.

Don't settle for a generic message without any pizzazz. A customized voice-over says it all- literally. I'll say what listeners want to hear.

Call now to ask about commissioning a voice-over from me.

Reach a wider audience with a custom voice-over

Any person or business that needs a voice-over can get one easy from me. Once your target audience hears a local radio personality singing your praises, you'll have people flocking to you. From advertisements to personalized greetings, I do it all.

Contact me today to discuss the details of getting a voice-over.